This year marked the fifth Savage Weekend, a two day noise festival hosted annually at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Curated by Ryan Martin (AKA Ry Mar AKA Secret Boyfriend AKA the dude who does Hot Releases), Savage Weekend always offers a fun spirited and diverse plethora of projects. Whether you want harsh noise, hard techno or performance based weirdness, there is always a little something for everyone. Ry Mar has threatened that Savage Weekend 2014 may be the last, which would be a shame and a loss. No other noise fest of it’s kind offers such great vibes, good biscuits or general savagery. It has been a great delight to attend the past four years and watch some projects grow, watch some projects begin to bud.

I would not have started to play solo if it were not for Ry Mar’s encouragement. Three years ago, he asked me to play Savage Weekend. I told him I would DJ, as I did not have a project at the time. He told me there were no DJs, that he wanted me to play and that it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a project. My multimedia project The Waitress was born. I still carry the crumbled up dollar that I chased around on a stick while being dominated live in a waitress costume in my synth bag for good luck.

I recently resurrected an old project with Ciarra Black, Appetite. Before preparing for Savage Weekend 2014 we had only played one show three years ago- a Secret Boyfriend/ Lack show that I set up in Philly as my going away party before moving to New York. I am not so sure I would have if it were not for the push of performing at the fest this year. While trying to write new material for The Waitress, everything seemed to come up flat. I decided it was time to hang up the apron and explore new territory. I am grateful for the push every year. I really hope that this was not the last Savage Weekend, as every year has been as fun as it was inspiring but if it was- I will always have a lot of love for Ry Mar and for the fest and for everyone who participated in any capacity. These pictures are not even representative of all the awe inspiring things that I heard and saw, just the things I managed to get a decent snap of. Hope to see many of you next year.


Party Tom chewing on his own toenails.
Charmaine’s Names.
Bloodied broken glass, the aftermath of SECTS.
Rick Weaver and his ketchup hair gel/ cool guy style.
Four friends reunited to wreck havoc on a small town.
Rotting severed deer head.
Hand of a Hunnie Bunny.
Profligate in the light of day.
Miguel Alvariño + Nick Klein.
Not sure who I am sitting on or who some of these people are but group shot #1.
V Manuscript.


Licking the boot while listening to Jimmy Buffett.
The crowd during Pvre Matrix.
Sagan Youth Boys blasted me off into outer space.
New Yorkers in paradise.
This girl Aurora that I met for two seconds who looked so damn good I snapped this candidly and was then told that she hates having her photo taken? Think I am getting the death stare but it was worth it.
Eating some fucking crab chips at a gas station, somewhere.
My cupcake.
Flex 1000.
Emily of VVQART.
T Func.
Tinnitus Stimulus crowd surfing.
Tinnitus Stimulus after getting a golden shower.
Our kooky NYC crew + Alene. Group shot #2.


Wolf Eyes playing a surprise set at the Lamb Skin/ Sagan Youth Boys show that I booked at Acheron.
Customized box at Warthog/Pharmakon/Hoax show
“Varmakon”: Var/ Pharmakon collaboration for their record release show
Russian Tsarlag setting fire to my plastic beer bag at the Ho_se
Sparse stage dive situation at Fitness center for Arts and Tactics
Sonya and Emma in Montreal
The nice lady at Enla Photo who develops my photos for me
Disturbing tree
Secret Boyfriend
Chealsea and her choker: “Fuck forever” “Sex Maniac”
Puce Mary at Sacred Bones at a Northside showcase
Pineapple door stop and stems
Her against a woodland wallpaper
Nick beating Fizz with a belt
Narwhalz of Sound flipping over his gear table
Two babes eating ice cream cake topped with Psilocybin mushrooms
Miles with my Hello Kitty umbrella in the backyard
The drummer of Medicine with a girl backstage when before he told me he collaborated with Whitehouse
DJ Dog Dick swinging from the rafters with his legs around Mike
Chris Hansell and Margaret Chardiet with a hot dog on the fourth of July
Margaret after I tattooed my name on her arm
Jesse Riggins with a peach and an alien and New York City
Jess Poplawski from Survival
Hoax record release show
Griffin and his RV
Lamb Skin as a gothik baby princess with angel wings
Fertile Myrle
Fizz post whipping
Fizz and his sweatpants
Danny during his bartending shift
Crazy Jim from Wolf Eyes
Cities Aviv double exposure
Chris and Sully eating ice cream
Chris and Mac DeMarco
My altar
Ciarra at a Bunker Party at a Chinese Buffet in Ridgewood