Photos From Winter

Witchcraft removing their corpse paint.
Jacob Winans at Miguel’s Room.
Float in New Orleans carival parade.
Nancy and Mandog Tony
More Nancy and Mandog
Pinocchio at Union Pool
Hannah Dunne
Q at Bohemian Grove.

Alexander Paul Gonzalez (Low and Slow) , after our show with Acyrlics got shut down by a bunch of cops pointing guns at us and moved two more times. He is the champ.
For Soft Skin Latex
For Zoe Burke
Bloodyminded at 202
Probably the best set of 2019.
Blue Hummingbird On The Left
Sadist at Saint Vitus (Halloween). Straight up actually scariest show of 2019.
Party at Mile’s (expired film)
Concave chest
Pedestrian Deposit at Knockdown Center.
Glue at Bohemian Grove.
Decisions at Bohemian Grove.
Nail tech’s puppy.
Jamal ❤ in LA’s Chinatown, THE pho spot.
Yohimbe at Hart bar.
obsessed with Flipper belly button.
and da booty
Apologist at Hrt bar.
Larry warthog (w Mose and Pancho)
Warthog at last Brooklyn Bazaar show.
Hankwood and the Hammerheads. RIP BK Bazaar.
Special Interest at CAC (NOLA)
Leaper Jenny at The Clam.
The Rita at 202.
Vomir at 202. Days before Covid-19 got real.
Which made the audience with a large population wearing a bag over their head sort of funny in retrospect. Sort of.
Nancy’s nasty stache. Rot in hell!
Twisted Thing at Union Pool.
Pee party.
Penis Boys at The Chicken Hut.
Din at Saint Vitus.
Belle made Nancy vats of slime w pee instead of water for her bday! Yay!
Interesting trash combo.
Salvia & Parma Ham at Hal0
Kyle Flannigan at 202
Sit on Brian Blomerth.
Yellow Tears at Redlight District.
Shoot with Anatomy, March 11, 2020. The last day of any semblance of normalcy.
Dropped off this film the last day I could do so safely. Forgot a roll and kicking myself now. All “non-essential” businesses are closed, and I am not sure when I will have the luxury to shoot more 35 mm photos or develop more… So I wanted to update the blog before these good memories become too hard to look at, should social distancing last several months… I am worried for the world, life as we know it and the future of live music. But maybe if all of this inspires some long needed change to the structure of our country, it will all be worth it. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected. XO Jane Pain

Photos From Summer

Forced Into Femininity
Pharmakon promo photo, triple exposure
JuJu Pie
Jane Pain x Soft Skin Latex
Allison . from the Emmy Award Winning Television Series Intervention
Less Than Ideal Practice Space for NYDN
Ben ❤ Jess
My Birthday 🙂
Bumblefuck, PA
Xeno & Oaklander
Okay here are some more pics of Jacob, JR & Seven
How about some more photos of Pharmakon?
Dollhouse. Another Margaret. So how about a couple more of Micheal?
Crackers Karaoke at Planet Rose
Nancy + Belle doing karaoke. My 2019 New Year’s resolution was to not do karaoke and I blew it ; )
Blu Anxxiety

Photos From Spring

Little update on things lately. Just ran out of storage in my media uploader, so I now have a fire under my ass to make a real website which is weird. End of an era!

Shoot for Blu Anxxiety / Anatomy Split (Forthcoming)
Abe and Manuel
Life as I Know it
Jacob Winans, Non-Alcoholic Beer Crew
Glorianna pumping for Glorianna the Baby
Miles and Crackers
Zoe Zag at Bad Dog
Body Fluid
Martin Sorrondeguy
Feeling Like a Vampire
I am not Enough
Time to Feed
Jesse Riggins (Photographer)
Sal (Photographer) at Good Things Pop-Up Shop at Descontrol Punk Shop
Memorial Day Weekend / Some of the best Djs and friends