New Zine “Soon”, T-Shirt

Good Things (UK) has released my newest zine “Soon” alongside a new T-shirt that features the cover image.

“Soon” is a collection of new photography and writing. 24 page, silkscreen cover, green riso, sewn bound, a5, edition of 50, circle cut into cover

comes packaged in silkscreened envelope

choose a paper cover colour:

red, white or yellow

Shirts are two sided, with two styles to choose from

Photos From Spring

Little update on things lately. Just ran out of storage in my media uploader, so I now have a fire under my ass to make a real website which is weird. End of an era!

Shoot for Blu Anxxiety / Anatomy Split (Forthcoming)
Abe and Manuel
Life as I Know it
Jacob Winans, Non-Alcoholic Beer Crew
Glorianna pumping for Glorianna the Baby
Miles and Crackers
Zoe Zag at Bad Dog
Body Fluid
Martin Sorrondeguy
Feeling Like a Vampire
I am not Enough
Time to Feed
Jesse Riggins (Photographer)
Sal (Photographer) at Good Things Pop-Up Shop at Descontrol Punk Shop
Memorial Day Weekend / Some of the best Djs and friends