I made a mix tape for Workin’ Nights, which you can stream or download for free. Workin’ Nights is a stellar website and a wonderful resource for getting into new music via their inspired mix tapes.  You should also check out their affiliated podcast, Everything Is Stories. Everything is stories is “An on going survey of individuals who have experienced transcendence and or power of the will… Tales from the underground, the underdog, the outlaw and the outcast.” Every episode has been chilling thus far. Produced by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez and Tyler Wray.

You can cop my mix here. Track listing below.

Mix 136: Exist Other People
01 V Manuscript – Exist
02 Meager Sunlight – Expecting To Fly
03 Sweetie Sweats – Spells
04 Sofia Reta – Throne (Featuring Rutger)
05 In Trance 95 – Brazilia
06 Poesie Noir – Pity For The Self
07 Institute – Weak Times
08  The Lines – White Night
09 Ashrae Fax – Ultravaca
10 Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
11 Crass – Walls (Fun In The Oven)
12 De De Mo – ‘Cause I Need You ‘Cause I Love You
13 A² – Space
14 Christof Glowalla – Erde 80