Painted lady sitting on the steps of a paint store in SoHo.Wild pony @ Assateague Island.Wild pony @ Assateague Island.Genesis Breyer P-Orridge at a book signing for Thee Psychick Bible.Genesis Breyer P-Orridge at a book signing for Thee Psychick Bible.Christopher Hansell at Foreplay practice.Christopher Hansell at Foreplay practice.Antwon AntwonGag at Fitness Gallery for Arts and Tactics. Gag at Fitness Gallery for Arts and Tactics.Douglas P (Death in June) with Matthew McClureDouglas P (Death in June) with Matthew McClure.Sio, best bartender + lady @ 285 Kent.Sio, best bartender + lady @ 285 Kent.Danny Moore's "Dank Toy"Danny Moore’s “Dank Toy”.Max Quinn (Hank Wood & the Hammerheads) @ 538.Max Quinn (Hank Wood & the Hammerheads) @ 538.


I asked my friend Antwon, a San Jose based hip hop artist to take a disposable camera for me. I don’t often listen to rap but I love his music because it is a little melted, strange and remains unique while still paying respects to our generations’ 90’s Gods. He comes from roots in punk, hardcore and metal and incorporates collaborations with amazing freaks like Dog Leather, Pictureplane and Lil Ugly Mane while sometimes spitting about Infest and smoking drugs at my old shitty punk house in Philadelphia. 1016, WHAT UP.

Tony always takes really personal photos and is good at documenting life without pretense. Everything he does always seems tinged with California vibes, too. I like these photos because they tell me how he is doing and show me who he is doing it with. They also make me want to eat a West coast burrito so much. Love you, Tony. And I am proud of you, too.

Check out some of his stuff, if you have not already: .