4 thoughts on “PAIN PRINTS FOR SALE

    1. yes for sure! if you give me a post code I can get an estimate on shipping and we can use paypal! I just send one to Italy and the shipping came out to be around $18. I should get artist copies of my new zine this week so if it costs that much would be happy to throw in a zine as well!

  1. I would love to have a photo of Margaret. Huge fan. Just bought a ticket for Berlin.
    Is this offer still valid? The link seems to be dead.

    1. Hi! I am no longer offering prints via this link but I am more than happy to send you one (this link was so US only, so we would have had to email for shipping prices anyway) feel free to email me at JaneChardiet@gmail.com or DM on insta @Jane_____Pain (five underscores) if you are interested! – Jane

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