Swedish synth artist Hannes Norrvide’s creates simple but intoxicating tracks reminiscent of Cremations era Cold Cave, but certainly more danceable. There is a certain freedom in his music. He says, quite simply, that he makes his music for himself and for fun, but he is certainly happy that others care to listen. I had a chance to ask Norrvide a few questions via email about his music and Growing Seeds, which Sacred Bones records have re-released today. All photos courtesy of Hanne Norrvide.

Hannes Norrvide
JANE PAIN: American label Sacred Bones is about to reissue Growing Seeds. How do you feel about the US? Why have you decided to write your songs in English and do you think it is significant at all? Are you looking forward to your upcoming American tour dates? What American bands/projects are you into right now? 
HANNES NORRVIDE: I’m excited to visit US, I’ve only been there when I was very young. I’v met some really sweet people that are from the states so I hope the rest of US is like them, I don’t know.
Well, writing in english feels more safe than writing in my native language. And of course I’ve listened to a lot of music my whole life which most have been in english so it got kind of natural.
I got this 12″ by Hieroglyphic Being, I really liked that one, Gatekeeper.
Loke Rahbek and Hannes Norrvide
 LFY began as a solo project but has required helping hands to play live. Now that you are working with Loke (Vår/ Posh Isolation) , do you imagine that LFY will become a more collaborative project?  Could you imagine adding more members and becoming a full band, or do you prefer to be in complete control of the project?
Maybe, time will tell. It’s still kind of the same thing, I have an idea of how I want it to be and Loke gives an opinion. But it’s still me doing it for the most part.
I given it a bit of a thought, and I like not to be alone playing live but for doing the recordings I prefer right now having the full control. I think it might would be hard to let other people take a bigger part of it since I’ve mostly done this alone the whole time.
Two friends, Olivia and eleanor.
You recently relocated from Sweden to Denmark for love. Has it been as romantic as it sounds? How are you adjusting to a new relationship in a new country? How is your new home treating you?
Yes. But there is also the basic everyday stuff of course which isn’t that romantic; paying bills, arguing about the dishes and boring stuff like that. Well it’s not that different from Sweden really, except alcohol laws aren’t as strict as in Sweden. Most of the people are nice here.
kristian (Vår)
 A few years ago, there was a sudden rise in the popularity of snyth based music but a lot of it was quite sentimental and aimed to be very nolstalgic (70s, 80s) but recently it seems there is a new voice of snyth based music. We may not be able to quite put our finger on it because it is happening. Do you feel akin to other comtemporary snyth projects? Is so, who and why? How do you feel that you fit in or do not fit in with other bands coming out today.
No, I have never thought about it. I have the feeling I don’t really fit in really, I think I make pop music but probably most people thinks it’s a bit too lo-fi and monotone.
 What is your aim with your music? What do you want to achieve with your music? What other aspirations do you have? Where do you see LFY in the future.
To do something I enjoy doing, it’s just pure fun and if people wants to listen to it I’m honored.
You can listen to an exclusive stream of the album here via the Quietus.


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